Rich By Giving front book cover

The business plan of giving back

By Tim Bock

This book contains very clear examples of how any business person can start a giving back platform in their existing business.

  • As part of the body of Christ, can you rediscover what you could do in business?
  • Can you be motivated to act out who you are by helping to rebuild the broken people and infrastructures in the cities where you live and operate your businesses right now?
  • Do you have anything that you can put your whole being into, comparable to Nehemiah’s project in Jerusalem?
  • Could it be that you are called to something more than just making money for you and your employees?
  • Could it be that your employees have it on their heart to help others with your business, and if asked, would come up with ideas to make it happen through your business?
  • Could it be that the God who created the universe is calling you to something far deeper in your business?
  • Can you and your business find your place in this world and start giving back now?

This book is for people who are interested in taking the Nehemiah Challenge.

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