Tim and Aracely Bock

What is Nehemiah Challenge?

Nehemiah Challenge is social media, a website and an assortment of books to help the business person look at their every day business with a different view. A view that has God as the most important focus no matter what the business is. It is a place for you to let your hair down and share the successes or the failures of how you have been trying to run a business that glorifies God.

I have had some of the best lessons from the failures (as many of you would relate to) but the successes were amazing. They helped me question “why did this work?” And try to move in these successes with the people God brought in my business.

Tim Bock is currently a Mission Business Manager for Jesus People USA, an inner city Christian Community that lives together in a 10 story apartment building with 300 others in the diverse neighborhood of Uptown Chicago. This community operates a shelter for the homeless that serves over 300 men, women, and families each night.

Tim is GM of Lakefront Roofing & Siding Supply that has two locations in Chicago. He is also on the pastoral board of Jesus People USA. He loves to play sports with his kids and wife; loves to run along the lakefront of Chicago and eat pizza every Saturday night with family and friends. He is crazy in love with his wife Aracely and is father of the best four kids in the world.

His passions are woven throughout his books.

He longs to hear the words “come on in thy good and faithful servant…”

And for this reason only, he desires to have this website HELP any who might need a boost in their current business, or HELP those wanting to start a Mission Business to keep you- the missionary, ministering holistically and to keep you in that country of your calling.

Blessings to all and we wish God’s best while you read and consider this site.
Tim Bock